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Online Interactive Configurator Tool

Online Interactive Configurator Tool

Use this handy interactive configuration tool provided by EHLEVA to see how your staircase will work. CLICK HERE to go straight to the online page.

Choose whether you want to use the Open or Modular Staircase Range or the Spiral Staircase Range. Then just follow the simple instructions, insert your dimensions and see how the staircase will look for you. You can even print out the final layout diagram.

PLEASE NOTE: this configuration tool is not set to take into account the UK Building Regulations and may provide a design with elements which might not comply with UK regulations. Email us if you need any advice on your design.

The configurator will also only show designs using the complete staircase kit with 13 risers. If your floor to floor height requires less treads, the configuration will not provide the design for you. But, again, email us if you need to check this. It's better to check and get it right before you order!

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