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Staircase Kits > Advice & Downloads > Technical & Installation Info & Downloads > Komoda Modular Stair Kit Technical Information

Komoda Modular Stair Kit Technical Information

Staircase Kits > Advice & Downloads > Technical & Installation Info & Downloads > Komoda Modular Stair Kit Technical Information

Komoda Online Interactive Configurator

Click on the following link to open the Arke Komoda Online Configurator to help you decide how the Komoda staircase will work for your project.

Click here to go to the Komoda Online Configurator. Simply select "English" from the language drop-down list and away you go!

You can play around with all the different shapes available, put in your floor to floor height etc., and the configurator will guide you through.

Please note that the Komoda Modular staircase is made in Italy and some of the suggested configurations may be outside of the UK Building Regulations. If you have any queries on this, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

The Komoda Modular Staircase kit can be installed with a clockwise or anti-clockwise turn using the quarter turn set of treads. You decide when you fit the staircase!

Generally, it is best to form the opening for the staircase at least as big as the staircase layout itself.

The standard kit has 13 risers (12 treads) and the tread rise is adjustable from 170mm to 235mm, although UK regulations have a maximum tread rise of 220mm. This means that the standard kit will suit floor to floor heights of up to 3030mm (or 2850mm to comply with UK Building Regulations for maximum tread rise). If your floor to floor height is higher than this, you simply need to add additional tread kits as required. If your floor to floor height is lower than this, you use less treads. See the Accessories page for more information.

The individual tread rise and going is achieved by adjusting the central tread support modules to provide your overall correct staircase height. These are supplied in the kit, together with all fixings and fittings required plus clear installation instructions and an installation DVD!

The going or depth of the treads is adjustable on the Komoda staircase from 180mm to 220mm but the UK Building Regulations require a minimum tread going of 220mm and your chosen configuration should bear this in mind.

The design of balustrading on the Komoda, with horizontal stainless steel cables may not be acceptable for UK Building Regulations and we would strongly suggest that you discuss your project with your local Building Control Department for clarification.

Powder coated steel riserbars are available as an accessory kit to fit between the open treads to satisfy the requirement for the gap to be less than 100mm.

Click here to download the Komoda DATASHEET for more information on the accessories and options [pdf file 191KB]

Delivery timescales are approx 10 working days.

Komoda Modular Stair General Details

With the Komoda Modular or Linear Staircase, it is possible to adjust the tread rise and the tread going. There are also two different staircase widths (74cm and 89cm), plus there are three configurations - to provide a straight flight, an L shape or a U shape staircase.

(click images to enlarge)

The space requirement (and the size of the opening in the ceiling) will be different for the 74 and 89 width staircases as shown in the following diagrams. You will also find more detailed information in the Installation Instructions and DataSheets available as downloads on this page.

The tread rise is adjustable from 170mm to 235mm although there is a maximum tread rise for UK Building Regulations of 220mm for domestic use. The standard Komoda staircase kit comprises 13 risers which results in a maximum floor to floor height of 2850mm to comply with these regulations. If your floor height is more than this, simply include additional treads as required.

The tread going is also adjustable from 180mm to 220mm for the Komoda74 and from 220mm to 260mm for the Komoda89 staircase. UK Building Regulations ask for a minimum tread going of 220mm for a domestic staircase.

The number of treads you use and the depth of the tread going will combine to change the overall going (or footprint) of the staircase. You can calculate the overall going of the staircase using the diagrams below or in the Installation Instructions available to download further down this page.

The clever design of the Komoda allows you to drop the 3 treads, which form the quarter turn, anywhere in the run of the staircase offering an amazing 76 different configurations for each width of staircase. Click on the images below to see the full range of configurations for each width of Komoda staircase (74cm and 89cm).

Komoda Stair :: External Balustrade

If your Komoda modular staircase installation has a section which does not run against a wall, you may want to include some external balustrade on the staircase. The diagram above (click on it for a larger image) shows you how to calculate the number of external balusters needed for each tread. The external balustrade kit comprises 5 balusters plus all fixings and you will find more details by clicking here to go to the Komoda Accessories page.

Komoda RiserBars

UK Building Regulations require that the gap between the open treads of a staircase should be less than 100mm to prevent small children getting stuck. The solution for this on the Komoda Modular Staircase is the Riser Bar kit which inserts a steel bar (powder coated to match the staircase) between each tread as shown on the image. Please note that the Komoda may not be acceptable to UK Building Regulations because of the design of the balustrading and we strongly advise you to discuss your project with your local Building Control Department.

The RiserBar kit is available on the Komoda Accessories Page and don't forget that, if you need any additional treads, you will need to order additional riserbars. The riserbars are available in two widths for the Komoda74 and Komoda89 staircases.

Komoda Stair :: Support Pole

You will probably have noticed that there is a support pole shown in some of the images. This type of vertical support post is required for all of these modular staircase designs, mostly to dampen excess spring.

It's usually fixed underneath treads 5 - 7 but the layout diagrams in the installation instructions will show you where to fit the support pole for each of the configurations. The pole can be fixed down into the ground (it simply stands down on to the floor) or it can be fixed laterally into an adjoining wall as shown below.

Komoda Fixing Points

The Komoda Modular Staircases have a base fixing plate which bolts down into the floor. The kit includes fixings for concrete floors and, if you are fixing down into a timber joist, you will need to purchase the correct fixings for this. The base must fix into a solid and sound floor/support. The base is 210mm diameter.

The top tread is set one rise down from the finished upper floor level. It has a fixing plate which fits against the side of your upper floor and bolts into the joist on the side of the floor opening. The top fixing plate must have a substantial and sound joist to fix into. There is a cover plate supplied with the kit to fit over the top fixing plate. The top fixing bracket is 250 x 340mm.

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