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Staircase Kits > Advice & Downloads > Technical & Installation Info & Downloads > Kloe Spiral Kit Technical Information

Kloe Spiral Kit Technical Information

Staircase Kits > Advice & Downloads > Technical & Installation Info & Downloads > Kloe Spiral Kit Technical Information

Kloe Spiral Layout Diagram

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Don't forget that you can install the Kloe Spiral Staircase with a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. You decide on this when you install it.

Kloe Spiral Stair ::  Installation Instructions

Kloe Spiral Stair :: Installation Instructions

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Click here to download Kloe Spiral Stair Installation Instructions [1.08MB pdf]

Kloe General Technical Information

The Kloe spiral staircase is a beautiful staircase kit featuring solid beech combined with high-tech stainless steel cables. There is a choice of three diameters - 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm.

Please note that the ceiling opening size should ideally be 100mm (4") larger than the diameter of the staircase to ensure that you can use the handrail safely as you travel up the staircase.

The treads are solid beech and the handrail is a soft-grip colour matched wood effect PVC with an aluminium core for easy installation and maintenance. But the real touch of class on the Kloe Spiral Stair is the stainless steel cables used for the staircase balustrading. The vertical powder coated steel posts support 7 horizontal stainless steel cables to form the balustrading. Please note that this design of balustrading may not be acceptable to your local Building Control Department and we always recommend that you contact them to discuss your project before committing to purchase.

The spiral staircase can be installed with a clockwise or anti-clockwise ascent and you decide this on installation.

The standard kit has 13 risers (12 treads + 1 landing tread). This means that the standard kit will suit floor to floor heights of up to 3060mm (or 2860mm to comply with UK Building Regulations' maximum tread rise). If your floor to floor height is greater than this, you simply need to add additional tread kits as required plus any additional shorter centre poles as required. PLEASE REFER TO THE DATASHEET IF YOUR FLOOR HEIGHT IS NOT WITHIN THE STANDARD RANGE TO CHECK IF YOU WILL REQUIRE ANY ADDITIONAL SHORTER CENTRE POLES.

The hard part of the decision is having to choose which colour combination works best for you! The beech effect handrail and solid beech treads with a Light or Dark stain plus the steel choice of Black, White or Grey offer some great design options. The small design details are always in black for the black staircase, and in grey for the grey and the white staircases.

The landing tread on the Kloe spiral stair is supplied oversized to be cut down as required on installation. (Click for larger image).

We also supply matching stairwell balustrade for square, straight and circular openings, additional tread kits, additional handrail, additional stainless steel cabling, riserbar kits etc. See the Accessories Pages for more information.

Kloe Spiral Staircase Centre Pole Chart

To remain within the UK Building Regulations maximum tread rise, the standard Kloe spiral staircase kit will fit floor heights of between 252cm and 286cm. (The standard staircase kit can, in fact, fit a floor height of up to 305cm but this will result in an individual tread rise which is too high for UK Building Regulations.)

If your floor to floor height is below 252cm or above 286cm, you may require to purchase additional shorter centre poles for the staircase to work. Please refer to the Kloe Spiral Stair DATASHEET download [pdf file 190KB] for details. Please note that this datasheet does not take UK Building Regulations into account. If you would like any further details, please give us a call.

Click on the image above for a larger version to demonstrate when you may need to include one or more shorter centre poles with your order.

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