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Staircase Kits > Accessories > Genius Staircases Accessories

Genius Staircases Accessories

Staircase Kits > Accessories > Genius Staircases Accessories

  • Matching stairwell balustrade
  • Balustrading for staircase
  • Riserbars
  • Grip Strip

The Genius range is made to order. Each staircase will be designed for your project and we will provide a design drawing from the basic information which you provide to us. The drawing will show relevant balustrading requirement for the staircase and stairwell. Additional components, such as riserbars will be included as necessary. All the necessary components will be included in the quotation.

The Genius staircase range is carefully manufactured in Italy and some of the designs or configurations available may not be acceptable to your local Building Control Department. We recommend that you discuss your project with them before committing to purchase. We will be happy to discuss your project and advise you on the UK Building Regulations. Please feel free to contact us on 0845 621 0193.

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